Monday, March 2, 2009

April showers... well almost

Grace is prying at the doors and trying to chew her way out of the house. Can't you tell. Here it is, almost spring. One week to go and Grace is a maniac. Crawling, standing, hovering. She'll be walking and running before i even know what happened. This little girl has such a personality and such energy. Just makes me smile. Right when I think she has outdone the cuteness she goes and proves me wrong... that's right... I was actually wrong! Typical woman. Every once in awhile I will actually clean the house and then let her free to find all the things I missed. Kinda like playin' fetch... but not. Earlier she found some sort of mini pen I've never seen before. Hey, could be worse. At least it wasn't one of those little marble/golf ball turds that rolled out and onto the floor yesterday. Ew! Maybe she'd stop putting foreign objects in her mouth after that mistake.?. No?

Oh, now she enjoys waving. At anything. Anything. Wave bye bye to the cold!

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